28 May 2022  

About Us


A division of Zakheni ICT that has been created to focus on the development and deployment off public access facilities. The centre provides us with a model that continuously undergoes a process of modification of the products and offerings in response to changing market conditions. The piloting of all new services happens in these centres therefore creating an enabling environment for training and support to our partners and the community at large. The locations provides for a segmentation of the market to be able to develop solutions that cut across a number of customer bases therefore increasing our understanding of the public access business.

Zakinfo is a professional All-In-One Office Stop. It has been in existence since 2011, and today recognized as center for collection and distribution of office supplies, study and design of domestic and foreign brands in a wide range of prices and of excellent quality. Our products come from manufacturers that provide quality assurance and are certified as responsible producers.

Thus, we ensure to offer our customers the best equipment, supplies and materials and office stationery available in the market.



Zakheni ICT can supply and has thus partnered with reputable vendors to supply the hardware component identified for a fully functional Public Access Facility. In addition, we have further developed Qlikview Business.



We render quality services that are essential for your business, school or individual needs. From office/school/individual Stationery and computer equipment and accessories supply, to large printings, Graphic Design, Web Developments, Technical Support and Repairs.
We assist with secretarial services, photo productions and courier services.
With our high speed internet, you won’t struggle to surf the net.
Zakinfo have the client’s best interests at heart and will go the extra mile to ensure that the services for the client are met.









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Zakheni ICT (Pty) Ltd is a SMME initiative, with a key objective to deliver world-class business talent and strategic ICT value.